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MHDDoS - DDoS Attack Script With 56 Methods

Please Don't Attack websites without the owners consent.



Features And Methods

  • πŸ’£ Layer7

    • get GET GET Flood
    • post POST POST Flood
    • ovh OVH Bypass OVH
    • ovh RHEX Random HEX
    • ovh STOMP Bypass chk_captcha
    • stress STRESS Send HTTP Packet With High Byte
    • dyn DYN A New Method With Random SubDomain
    • downloader DOWNLOADER A New Method of Reading data slowly
    • slow SLOW Slowloris Old Method of DDoS
    • head HEAD
    • null NULL Null UserAgent and …
    • cookie COOKIE Random Cookie PHP β€˜if (isset($_COOKIE))’
    • pps PPS Only β€˜GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n’
    • even EVEN GET Method with more header
    • googleshield GSB Google Project Shield Bypass
    • DDoSGuard DGB DDoS Guard Bypass
    • ArvanCloud AVB Arvan Cloud Bypass
    • Google bot BOT Like Google bot
    • Apache Webserver APACHE Apache Expliot
    • wordpress expliot XMLRPC WP XMLRPC expliot (add /xmlrpc.php)
    • CloudFlare CFB CloudFlare Bypass
    • CloudFlare UnderAttack Mode CFBUAM CloudFlare Under Attack Mode Bypass
    • bypass BYPASS Bypass Normal AntiDDoS
    • bypass BOMB Bypass with codesenberg/bombardier
    • πŸ”ͺ KILLER run many threads to kill a target
    • πŸ§… TOR Bypass onion website
  • 🧨 Layer4:
    • tcp TCP TCP Flood Bypass
    • udp UDP UDP Flood Bypass
    • syn SYN SYN Flood
    • cps CPS Open and close connections with proxy
    • icmp ICMP Icmp echo request flood (Layer3)
    • connection CONNECTION Open connection alive with proxy
    • vse VSE Send Valve Source Engine Protocol
    • teamspeak 3 TS3 Send Teamspeak 3 Status Ping Protocol
    • fivem FIVEM Send Fivem Status Ping Protocol
    • mem MEM Memcached Amplification
    • ntp NTP NTP Amplification
    • mcbot MCBOT Minecraft Bot Attack
    • minecraft MINECRAFT Minecraft Status Ping Protocol
    • minecraft pe MCPE Minecraft PE Status Ping Protocol
    • dns DNS DNS Amplification
    • chargen CHAR Chargen Amplification
    • cldap CLDAP Cldap Amplification
    • ard ARD Apple Remote Desktop Amplification
    • rdp RDP Remote Desktop Protocol Amplification
  • βš™οΈ Tools - Run With ` python3 tools `
    • 🌟 CFIP Find Real IP Address Of Websites Powered By Cloudflare
    • πŸ”ͺ DNS Show DNS Records Of Sites
    • πŸ“ TSSRV TeamSpeak SRV Resolver
    • ⚠ PING PING Servers
    • πŸ“Œ CHECK Check If Websites Status
    • 😎 DSTAT That Shows Bytes Received, bytes Sent and their amount
  • 🎩 Other
    • ❌ STOP STOP All Attacks
    • 🌠 TOOLS Console Tools
    • πŸ‘‘ HELP Show Usage Script


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Getting Started



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Clone and Install Script

shell script git clone cd MHDDoS pip install -r requirements.txt